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Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology




RestaurarMuebles.com' is a web platform created by the company 8W to help a traditional sector, such as furniture restoration, to benefit from new technologies, and at the same time to facilitate the access to this service to potential users to access a quality restorer.

The project, 100% digital focused on new technologies and forms of communication, is navigable from a computer and telephone from which to offer the options of restoration, purchase and sale of antique furniture.



Its creators, Miguel Ángel García and Viviana Muci Torres, two entrepreneurs from Granada, launched it in October 2017 as the reference website where people looking for restoration services can get in touch with furniture restorers. Later, in March 2018, they enabled the option of buying and selling furniture for both users and professionals.



Since 2017 the company has been hosted by the Andalusian Centre for Entrepreneurship (CADE) in Granada, to which submitted a 3-year business plan and received public funding to finance the project.



Restoremuebles.com offers a search engine that connects owners and restorers of antique furniture, but can also be used for buying and selling between individuals and companies, something currently unique in Spain.

The Regional Government's delegate for Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment in Granada, Juan José Martín Arcos, has described this search engine as "innovative" and "successful" for the antiques business and that "being a 100% digital project, focused on ICT and forms of communication, it is an online example of those we use so much on a daily basis"



The surrounding Granada where the project was born with its Arabic influence is the perfect location to inspire the development of an online platform for furniture restoration.



Craftsmanship and the restoration of ancient pieces of furniture is surely one of the core value of this entrepreneurial interprise.



The platform has therefore become a marketplace where each seller can have their own shop within it, offering specialisation, security, categorisation and interaction between users.

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Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology


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