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    Aprender a crear resiliencia comunitaria a través de la comunicación y la tecnología

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Bucolico Training

Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology



Introduction and sustainability

In the Sint-Godelievestraat in Kortrijk there was a lemonade and water factory, which first bottled table water and lemonade under the name Sint-Godelieve. Later it was very successful under the name Puck en Puckolo with lemonade and fruit juice. The firm Herman N.V. was started in 1919 in Heule by M. Herman. Production included "Samson lemonade" and iced tea from "The Simpsons". However, this success did not last and the company could no longer compete with the rise of sports drinks, among other things. In 2006 the company was declared bankrupt and in 2011 it was announced that they would tear down the factory. In 2019 bryonist Bram Algoet brings his grandfather's lemonade back to life with Puckolo!



Across Belgium, parents and children are learning it the hard way. From De Panne to Maaseik families set up makeshift lemonade stands, hoping to teach children the virtues of capitalism, make a few bucks, or raise funds for charity. Then they find themselves in trouble with the law if they do not first obtain a government license to conduct their “food-vending business.” Their story also illustrates how children can become fearful of the law and uninterested in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. But Bram Algoet is not letting these barriers stop him. Since the bankruptcy of his grandfather’s firm Hermans N.V. the brand Puckolo was shut down, Bram Algoet is continueing the philanthropic efforts for a high quality limonade.



Puckolo is an online distributor with many opportunities of the above product. As consumers now place greater value on sustainable online products, then it was advisable to orginase an online distribution. After all, such measures not

only protect the environment, but also provide for additional revenue and higher profits.


Values and standards

Quality is often used as the key point for those seeking to assuage those at loggerheads to come to a compromise. “It’s okay so long as what is being made is of a high quality” they say. However, quality is a red herring in the long term. It doesn’t matter if what is being produced is a great soft drink, nor does it matter that there is an audience for it – if it diminishes and dilutes the overall understanding of what limonade is.


Scalability and resilience

In addition Bram Algoet aims to convey its product and theme through friendly service and a high-energy atmosphere. He wants to deliver a product so consumers remember the moment when they enjoyed a good time, with good service, food and a high quality lemonade offered at good prices.

Bucolico Consortium

Aprender a crear resiliencia comunitaria a través de la comunicación y la tecnología


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