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    Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology

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    Training Curricula

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On April 29th, 2021, BUCOLICO Consortium joined an online transnational project meeting (TPM) originally planned face-to-face in Belgium but that now was held online due to Covid-19 post-pandemic restrictions worldwide. The II TPM has been anticipated by an informal online meeting on the 8th of April, 2021.

During the official II TPM hosted by Asturia vzw, Partners discussed about the progress of the Project as a whole along with the IOs, setting up clear deadlines for their development and implementation (Fall 2021, early 2022). After clarifying burocratic pending issues, the Partnership focused on the development of Output 1 “BUCOLICO JUNIOR DIGITAL CURRICULUM” (Lead: Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo, IT), Output 2 “BUCOLICO JUNIOR ENTREPREURSHIP CURRICULUM” (Lead: Fundacja ad Meritum, PL) and Output 3 “BUCOLICO SENIOR DIGITAL & ENTREPRENEURSHIP PACKAGE” (Lead: Asturia vzw, BE), whose aim is to ease the skills integration and the knowledge gap affecting NEETs in the rural areas covered by the project at a European level.

The Open Educational Resources platform (IO4) is already online at https://www.bucolico.eu.

BUCOLICO is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Plus Programme of the European Commission, which brings together 5 Partners from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland and Greece.
Bucolico includes in total 6 Intellecutal Outputs to be implemented in the 36 months of the project and in particular IO1, IO2 and IO3 focus on:

- (IO1) BUCOLICO JUNIOR DIGITAL CURRICULUM for new European citizens which encourages and motivates them to excavate, collect or produce cultural objects of their new living environment and to exhibit them in the BUCOLICO Virtual Museum, and which contain all learning materials required for these tasks. The contents will be available in the languages of the partnership with additional explanations in Arabic and Pashtun in printed form, on the Internet and as mobile applications;

- IO2: BUCOLICO JUNIOR ENTREPREURSHIP CURRICULUM BUCOLICO Curriculum for adult education trainers (teachers, operators etc.) with indications about the didactic design and operation of such measures

- IO3: BUCOLICO SENIOR DIGITAL & ENTREPRENEURSHIP PACKAGE an innovative digital and entreprenerial training model to be built up on the basis of adults (30-64) and seniors (+65) needs. This training model will be free, online, installed on a learning platform (BUCOLICO IO4), developed by the partners to provide essential information, knowledge and resources needed for adult institution staff responsible to implement digital and entreprenerial training sector (DET).

Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo (IT) is the promoter and Lead of the BUCOLICO Project. Moreover, Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo is Lead of IO1 BUCOLICO JUNIOR DIGITAL CURRICULUM and IO6 BUCOLICO HANDBOOK (development and implementation).

Bucolico Consortium

Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology


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