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III Transnational Bucolico Project Meeting

The third TPM of the BUCOLICO Project was held (online, given the surge in covid19 cases in Europe) on 14 October 2021, coordinated by the organization Fundacja Ad Meritum (PL). The online meeting lasted 6 hours, from 9.30 to 15.30 CET. Participants: Alessandro Paladino, Flavia Binenti, Marcello Caruso (Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo), Ewa Kubel, Magdalena Koziol (Fundacja Ad Meritum), Gert Hurkmans (Asturia vzw), Kalliopi Stefani (Innovation Frontiers), Maria Cristina Scarano (Internet Web Solutions).

All participants followed the Daily Agenda provided by Fundacja Ad Meritum's members of staff, previously approved via e-mail and informal calls:

1. Review of partners’ activities according to timetable, with exclusive focus on Intellectual Outputs‘ progress and status:
2. IO4 BUCOLICO E-Learning Platform: updates and progress: Maria Cristina Scarano introduced the significant changes and updates of the OER: new training materials, fully translated in ES, PL, GR, NL, EN, IT, provided by Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo (IO1 Digital Curriculum); new training fiches specifically for NEETs. Structure's improvement: new sections in order to have a clearer representation of BUCOLICO's Outputs and Resources; Case Studies (English). Insights on Dissemination (numbers and visitors reached, with a peak of over 5.000 users in april 2021).
3. IO3 BUCOLICO SENIOR DIGITAL & ENTREPRENEURSHIP PACKAGE: status and progress and discussion on its next steps, especially related to OER implemetations: Gert Hurkmans (Asturia vzw) introduced in detail the sections which will make up IO3, with a focus on the exercises for self-evaluation activities and on the topic of financial literacy for NEETs and illiterate seniors. Asturia formally requested new operative templates.
4. IO2 BUCOLICO JUNIOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP CURRICULUM: Materials Showcase and related discussion: role models, videointerview status and progress: Magdalena Koziol showcased the 1st original videointerview-videotraining: Ewa Michalak's Bras Factory and her entrepreneurial story. The video-training, lasting about 20 minutes, received the applause of all the participants and organizations involved, in particular Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo which believes that it is a perfect example of entrepreneurial motivation, as well as perfectly adhering to the major themes of inclusion, entrepreneurial mentality, sustainability, gender equality of the Erasmus+ Programme – Adult Education.
5. IO5 BUCOLICO MOBILE BUSINESS GAME APP: Kalliopi Stefani showcased the demo of the upcoming Serious Game App – IO5: an escape room, with the shape of the Virtual Museum. The partners asked for several improvements in terms of graphics and design, although liking the general structure.
6. IO1 BUCOLICO JUNIOR DIGITAL CURRICULUM: showcase, uploads, updates in the OER along with IWS, Pilot Implementations: Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo showcased the materials submitted to IWS until Sept. 2021, already translated and operative in the OER (digital literacy training materials). Implementation's showcases: Partanna (Italy), Palermo (Italy, local University and 2nd grade schools). Updates on further materials.
7. Deadlines and Schedule: LTTA and TPM4 (Spain, Feb-March 2022), Financial Records (1st week of December 2021), IO2 and IO1 upcoming materials, IO3 and IO5 operative drafts, IO6 1st step.

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