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The fourth transnational meeting of our project BUCOLICO was held online: originally intended to be done in conjunction with our LTTA, the partnership has decided to postpone the latter close to summer 2022, so to have – finally – the possibility to have a synergic, in presence event especially aimed at coordinating the in-presence trainings, already scheduled for Fall 2022.
This intermediate TPM, coordinated by Internet Web Solutions (ES), was a very important moment because it allowed the partners, jointly, to present all the materials developed up to now, covering almost half of BUCOLICO's life cycle.
What have we been working on?

After the greetings from Internet Web Solutions (ES), the first topic dealt with was the status of our second intellectual output, coordinated by Fundacja ad Meritum. The second output, the Junior Entrepreneurship Curriculum, is arguably one of the most important project outcome. It involves various educational approaches for young adults NEETs aimed at motivating, raising awareness and directing them towards discovering new opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship and self-employment.
partnership then discussed how to provide training starting from the contents developed up to the middle of the life cycle of BUCOLICO (digital literacy, entrepreneurial literacy, financial literacy) and the organizations proposed and approved mixed modalities: blended (IWS and IKE) and face-to-face, through workshops and in agreement with the associated network (FAM and Idrisi).
The IT partner from Spain introduced the topic "IO4 OER E-learning Platform” and more than 50,000 visitors have already been reached! IKE partner from Greece finally introduced the status of the web app, proposed a showcase on what the game will actually look like once completed. New templates will be developed to allow partners to propose content related to intellectual products in a format suitable for the gaming app, an activity already underway in terms of translations and other micro-optimizations. Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo's members of staff then closed the TPM with a summary of accounting, financial and management issues, proposing future deadlines to ensure adequate management.

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