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BUCOLICO LTTA Developers' Workshop in Málaga

The 5th and 6th October 2022 Bucolico technological partner Internet Web Solutions hosted the project LTTA Developers' Workshop in Málaga. LTTA stands for Learning Teaching Training Activities and each partner were called to evaluate and discuss about how to disseminate the training materials developed for NEETS based on role models’ best practices in business.

Before the LTTA, the polish partner collected good practices of business in Poland and searched for role models – successful and experienced entrepreneurs, especially in the area of green entrepreneurship.

After that, three educational videos about the entrepreneurs and their businesses were created and are already available in the OER PLATFORM: https://www.bucolico.eu/training.php

New training materials on three main topics are also available:

- “My story”
- “Brand your name”
- “Culture heritage and entrepreneurship”

The agenda of the first day included a working group named “How to use BUCOLICO tools within our partnership and how to spread them among educators”. Many ideas on this topic regarding how it is possible to reinvent oneself in an entrepreneurial way, on what it really is to be an entrepreneur - a dream, a vision for the interviewee -, on what possible benefits this can generate for entire communities aroused.

A social dinner closed the two-day of the LTTA. It was a great opportunity for the team to have an informal chat and to relax after the working days. Respective positions don’t play a big role there and it is easy to connect people.

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