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Check-In Scan



Check-In Scan, founded in Andalucía less than four years ago (2017). It is a mobile application that instantly facilitates, in just 30 seconds, the compliance of hostels for tourist accommodation. Not only hostels could benefit from this app but also hotels, holiday rentals, campsites and cottages.


It sends the traveler's registration automatically to the police and get the "Traveller's Report" signed easily, quickly and securely to meet the legal requirements.

Not only for hotel, hostel, holiday rental but also rural accommodation (far from police station) and campsite.



The ongoing training of founders is fundamental for the future sustainability of this app as it applies ICT tools to a practice that lasts since long time in hospitality: check-in.

This project presented a 3-year business plan in order to receive Andalusian public funding from the Centro de Apoyo al Desarrollo Empresarial, CADE.

As a prize, this Malaga-based firm will receive an economic award of 2,500 euros, 80 per cent of which has been financed by MicroBank and 20 per cent by Banco Sabadell.

There will also be a training programme in international strategy and action and an international business agenda, courtesy of the Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion, Extenda, which will allow the check-in scan to approach a potential target market and get to know benchmark companies in its sector of activity; training in digitalisation or advice on implementing new strategies to improve the competitiveness of their business, courtesy of Caja Rural; 5G training courtesy of Vodafone; media coverage, through actions sponsored by Coca-Cola; and mentoring, a networking agenda and B2B sessions that will be given by specialists from Andalucía Emprende to boost their businesses.



Available in Spanish, English and French, the Malaga-based company Check-In Scan won the "Andalucía Emprende Awards" in November 2020 for its innovative and technological contribution. The prize was awareded by the Regional Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment through the first television channel for entrepreneurs and self-employed people in Spain, Empezar.tv.d

Check-in and check-out traditionally occur at the hotel reception, as a fundamental part of hotel management. However, many times the standard procedures cause delays and long queue. From the need to simplify the process, online check-in has become a common practice in the hotel sector.



Andalucía region invests a lot in tourism and hospitality. It is a rural region but at the same time it is cutting-edge in tourism. That’s why this kind of app has been developed in the region to present a solution in terms of speed and efficiency to a real need.



“A project that offers a job to 11 workers and aims to have a wide international projection, which undoubtedly has a positive impact not only on our city but on the economy of the whole province", affirmed the founder in an interview to a local newspaper.

"We are a young company so the awards we received are a source of pride for us and now we are going to do everything we can to try and win the award at a national level. Our application makes it easier to comply with hosting regulations in just 30 seconds", explains Smith, the company's CEO, adding that "one of the challenges now is to find the investment to continue growing and to be able to take the application to all the countries in the world".



As most components of travel and hospitality in the Covid-19 era, hotel check-in has changed.

Respecting the new safety measures, hotel and resort owners, managers and staff start to reopen their doors to guests once again and are getting rid of some time-consuming procedures such as check-in in person.

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Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology


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