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Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology

Phee: A group of young entrepreneurs using dry seagrass to create natural and biodegradable materials



This small company was founded in a rural area of Greece and is currently harnessing quantities of seaweed washed along the coastlines, producing daily products such as mobile cases, boxes, clothing and single rackets.  The one and only resource used is seagrass. A new raw material is developed by restoring the natural balance through innovation, promoting the principles of “green” entrepreneurship and upcycling natural resources. This seaweed, Posidonia Oceanica, is one of the oldest living organisms on Earth and is annually washed up in abundance on the Mediterranean shores and is disposed as waste. The company’s goal is to expand the use to more products such as office supplies, agendas, wallets, jewellery and to further promote environmental and social responsibility throughout its value chain.



PHEE whishes to create products that could be competitive in the market, also having a positive impact on the planet’s ecosystem. Phee is committed to work alongside the relevant authorities, industry leaders, and consumers so that sustainable materials regain their market trust from their toxic counterparts.

One of the first products developed by Phee is a mobile phone case entirely made from the dead leaves of the algae Posidonia Oceanica, found in abundance on the Greek coasts. The mobile phone case is 100% recyclable and has a unique natural design. Phee recently developed a series of sunglasses.

Every product is unique and customizable as the sea grass is placed in a distinctive way in each and every panel. Environmentally friendly and distinguished in global competitions Phee, based in Patras, is moreover a clear example of how impactful an efficient e-commerce platform could be for young and innovative businesses. The recent launch of the products granted to Phee’s founders several awards, such as: Startup Greece Award, BlueGrowth, CleanTech Open.

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Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology


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