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Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology

PALAPLAST: from selling plastic components for irrigation systems to the evolution of the Green Development.



In 1980, three siblings opened a small factory for plastic components for irrigation systems in the northern rural area of Greece. Years later they began to produce pipes and irrigation fittings, expanding the original business into the industries of water supply, heating and fiber optic cable protection, always aiming at offering customers a complete and customized solution of irrigation, water supply and heating. The technological development and the integration of innovative production methods contribute to PALAPLAST’s green entrepreneurship. Palaplast's productive activity is dedicated to the development of applications for sustainable water use. The company seeks to offer solutions for the conservation, treatment and use of water.



Enhancing the protection of natural resources, energy conservation, the search and utilization of renewable energy sources and minimizing adverse effects on the environment are current values ​​and objectives. In particular, PALAPLAST have installed a photovoltaic system of rated power 800 kW, contributing to the evolution of the Green Development. Besides, investing in local communities, they seek to implement actions and programs that give a contribute for the empowerment of social welfare. With their contribution to university activities and student organizations, they also take care to enhance the education program and with the participation of the employees in social activities, the company whishes to strengthen the bonds of trust between the employees, promoting a more socially organized and sensitized working and living environment.

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Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology


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