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    Aprender a crear resiliencia comunitaria a través de la comunicación y la tecnología

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Bucolico Training

Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology



Introduction and sustainability

Let’s dive into our eco-friendly story. It’s the personal mission of Gaëlle Codron, the founder of Become OFFICIAL, to make eco-friendly shopping an affordable experience, without sacrificing style or convenience. Creating high-quality & stylish eco-friendly apparel and accessories is what drives Become OFFICIAL. They want you to feel comfortable & confident. They want to raise awareness regarding sustainability, in a joyful and cheerful way. That’s why they try to add, whenever possible, a subtle hint to the environmental issues in the designs.



All the eco-friendly products of Become OFFICIAL are made for thelaidback happy men, cheerful ladies and playful kiddos who share the passion for sea, sun & sand. The products are designed and created in Belgium with love for the treasures of nature. The founders love to get inspired by their travel memories and love for all the cute animals out there. They want to share the happiness they experience from enjoying each day to the fullest, (taking life as it comes) as well spreading there passion to protect the beautiful creatures from having a bad day because of all the plastic waste. Because these are the things that matter.



Become OFFICIAL is an online retailer with many opportunities of the above products in their own webshop. As consumers now place greater value on sustainable online shops and products, then it was advisable to make their own webshop a shade greener as well. After all, such measures not only protect the environment, but also provide for additional revenue and higher profits.


Values and standards

Effortlessly caring for the environment, so the little ones of the next generation can grow up in a clean environment. With Become OFFICIAL, consumers contribute without any effort. Incredibly convenient, isn’t it? For now Become OFFICIAL mainly works with recycled plastic bottles. By doing so, they ensure that they don't end up into the oceans. The recycled polyester has almost 75% lower carbon footprint than polyester. For those reasons they chose 'Become' as brand name. Become aware that caring for the environment can be done without any effort.


Scalability and resilience

Every Become OFFICIAL item must fit into a beachy wanderlust lifestyle. The company brings cheerful lifestyle fashion and wants to surprise with neutral designs that continue to score. Today and tomorrow. Every detail has to be perfect. They are determined to deliver high quality and less waste so consumers can attach more meaning to every purchase.

Bucolico Consortium

Aprender a crear resiliencia comunitaria a través de la comunicación y la tecnología


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