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Turismo Rural Torrecampo



"Turismo Rural Torrecampo" is a company located in a rural and small town in the province of Cordoba, which offers accommodation services in rural houses such as shared accommodation, complementary food and drink services, celebration of social events (weddings, baptisms, communions, congresses, company meetings, ...) and activities in nature, such as hunting, fishing, trekking, cycling, ecological routes.



The idea of the company arose at the end of 2017, when its promoters, Mercedes Romero Santofimia and Carmen Romero Ranchal, observed the difficulties in finding accommodation, especially on dates coinciding with local festivities, social events, hunting seasons, sports, cultural and gastronomic events, etc., which take place throughout the year both in the town of Torrecampo and in other towns in the region near this municipality of Cordoba.

Since 2017 the company has been housed at the Andalusian Centre for Entrepreneurship (CADE) in Granada, to which submitted a 3-year business plan and received public funding to finance the project.



Hacienda Carboneras is a typical Andalusian hacienda that has been converted into one of the most spacious accommodations in Los Pedroches. It is a region of 3,612 km² located in the province of Cordoba, Spain. It is the northernmost part of Andalusia, bordering on the province of Badajoz in Extremadura and the province of Ciudad Real in Castilla-La Mancha.

It has 4 themed rooms with fireplaces, more than 10,000 m2 of gardens with fountains and a range of leisure facilities including a sports court, tennis court, gymnasium, nursery, discotheque, swimming pool and many other facilities that make it a unique place in the heart of a local forest.


Particular attention is paid to the protection and integrity of the landscape surrounding.  In addition, the promoters of this business project observed a growing increase in rural tourism in the region of Los Pedroches, as a result of the institutional promotional campaigns carried out in recent years, which have made the area a point of reference for nature tourism (the largest pastureland in Europe), gastronomic (Los Pedroches Acorn-fed Iberian Ham) and astronomical tourism (region declared a Starlight Reserve).



Torrecampo efforts are to mix accommodation services and activities in nature, such as hunting, fishing, trekking, cycling, ecological routes. Many activities has been organized also with the Municipality of Cordoba.



Tourism was one of the sector most affected by covid-19 economic and social crisis. In Spain, such as in other European countries, lockdown measure closed borders to foreign tourists. Later on, also local tourists suffered from mobility restriction.

“Due to the perimeter closure, only residents of Torrecampo can visit us, so we want to launch a 10% discount offer so that you can visit us while the perimeter closure is in force”, the owner wrote in their social media.

“In addition, to avoid running any risk, you can have an antigen test (at a very reduced price), carried out by health personnel, to avoid any contagious”.

“As you well know, we have multiple spaces where maintaining social distance will not be a problem”, they conclude.


Bucolico Consortium

Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology


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