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Bucolico Training

Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology




Integreellence develops technical activities that provide solutions to social and environmental problems in accordance with the great challenges we face as a society. The purpose of our startup is to use product engineering and new technologies to design products and services that can become ecological alternatives to existing ones.



The creator of the project is a female 32-year-old entrepreneur who, from Zalamea de la Serena (Extremadura), is carrying out this green and circular economy project.

With her project INTEGREELLENCE she has designed and developed a system that, by separating waste at source, transforms organic waste into high quality compost that she will sell to farmers to fertilise their fields in an ecological way.



The environmental approach involves social objectives in order to achieve the objectives described in the previous section. We believe that without a commitment from society the change to circular models will not be fully effective.

Integreellence aims to provide solutions to the Spanish demographic challenge. Green and sustainable industries as employment alternatives for groups at risk of exclusion.

The main objective is to avoid the "brain drain" in territories devastated by depopulation by creating new opportunities in the circular economy.

Support the generational change by adding value through technology in traditional sectors of rural areas is one of the arrival point of Integreellence.



“It creates sustainable alternatives that provide solutions to the major environmental challenges we face as a society is our mission and the driving force behind innovation”.

The planet needs creative remedies to be able to breathe and we are the ones who have the keys to reducing what is harmful to it. We are looking for methods and products to create a symbiosis with the planet that will allow us to be perfect tenants. We are billions of people on earth. We need to work so that small social changes are noticeable for the environment. We need to educate ourselves to live with nature and to educate future generations. With our methods and the use of our products we intend to help build intelligent cities that integrate perfectly with existing environmental needs, helping us with our technology and adopting the system of circular economy.



Particular attention is paid to the protection and integrity of the landscape surrounding the farm and to economic circularity.

In particular with the project “Piloto ongreen” Integreellence put a compobox device in cities that manages the waste for 9 months.



Integreellence is a green company that develops its work around the Objectives of Sustainable Development 2030. It has been awarded with the first prize extremadura empresarial 2019, first prize atrebt! uca 2019 and first prize santander explorer badajoz 2018.

Therefore, Integreellence wants to develop circular and sustainable communities committed to thier values. Working with children and young people as transformers of their parents' habits is a mission in Integreellence.

Educational centres need to be considered as places to learn about green subjects.



Despite crisis and difficulties our motto is resist” - argues the two co-founders on FB- “creating an investing on green economy. Thanks to the internet and ICT and the value they generate our goals is to turn rural communities in green communities for a better society”.

Bucolico Consortium

Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology


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