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Bucolico Training

Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology



Introduction and sustainability

Markitect can help organisations to optimize their marketing by making the most of every customer interaction both online & offline throughout their buyer and customer journey(s) as well as by building a solid marketing foundation (strategy, technology, processes and data).



Markitect guides companies to establish a innovative solid marketing architecture. Nobody starts building a house by putting all subcontractors on a piece of land without consulting an architect. Why do so many do this in marketing? Through an initial analysis of all your customers’touchpoints across the entire buyer and customer journey both online and offline, we give you insights on:

• Where are you leaking money in the journey?

• How can you convert more customers?

• How can you retain more customers?

• Why do customers leave?



Markitect is an online supporting platform for marketing optimizations. As consumers now place greater value on sustainable online services, then it was advisable to make their own website a shade greener as well. After all, such measures not only protect the environment, but also provide for additional revenue and higher profits.


Values and standards

Markitect optimizes contact points both online and offline across the entire customer cycle. They ensure that the fundamentals of data analysis, marketing technology, content marketing and customer experience are in place so that the consumers ecosystem will spin like a flywheel. This cycle is a prerequisite for growth.


Scalability and resilience

Markitect gives consumers advise i.e. concrete action steps to improve their marketing return on investment in the long term. Theyprefer to work on their fundaments in the long term rather than making them spend their money on big expensive campaigns that burn their money in the short term. For the execution, Markitect will work either with the organisations own marketing team, their suppliers or with it’s own network of freelancers. Markitectwill not leave the consumer alone with the implementation of the actions.

Bucolico Consortium

Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology


Erasmus +

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