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Introduction and sustainability

Your trip, your choice. Poppy is a mobility sharing service in Belgium. Choose from 500 shared cars, 400 e-scooters or 400 kickscooters in Antwerp and Brussels.



The company has the following objectives, both in Belgium and abroad:

- the creation and development of a network and system for car sharing and / or rental of vehicles in self-service (registration, reservation, geolocation, access to the vehicle, billing etc.).

- the development of every type of land, passenger and freight transport, such as courier services, specialized and other transport, private taxis, limousines, with and without driver, taxis for disabled persons.



With more than 1 million kilometers driven already, Poppy is completely changing the way people move around in Belgium. Poppy is a pioneer in multicity modality, you can now pick up a car in Brussels or in Antwerp and drop it off in the other city. It's extremely convenient! But Poppy is also a pioneer when it comes to multimodal mobility. They are not only offering car sharing, but they are also offering scooter and moped sharing, and everything from the same app."


Values and standards

Poppy covers the five biggest misunderstandings about car sharing:

  1. ‘It’s only for the poor’ For many, a car is a status symbol. They buy an expensive car to show it off. However, they do not think about the environment. The ‘fancier’ cars are usually also the most polluting cars that are now being sold. When they do use Poppy, for example, when their car is in the garage, they notice that Poppy is not so paltry. All Poppy cars are in fact a premium edition and contain a lot of gadgets that their own car also has.
  2. ‘Carsharing is too expensive’ Although this claim conflicts with the first one, there are also people who think in this direction. They start calculating but do not take into account all the costs of their own car. With Poppy you pay an all-in price: fuel, fully Omnium Insurance, maintenance, road tax, repairs, car wash and free parking are all included with Poppy. Add all your costs together and then make the calculation with Poppy. Most come out cheaper with car sharing!
  3. ‘Car sharing is only for young people’ Car sharing is for everyone with a driver’s license. With Poppy, you need your driver’s license for at least two years. Nowadays, many pensioners can also use a smartphone and can therefore also use the Poppy app. Just ask Fons De Lie. At the age of 79, he is one of the oldest Poppy users.


Scalability and resilience

The term car sharing is relatively unknown. Yet car sharing has been around for decades. You can split it up into two big groups: peer-to-peer car sharing and one-way sharing platforms that offer cars to share. In the first group, people will share or make their personal car available. Think of carpooling or renting out your car via a platform.

Poppy belongs to the second group, where organizations provide a whole fleet of cars for their users. In this group, you can also make a subdivision between stationary based and free-floating. With the first group, you have to pick up the car at a predetermined location and also bring it back there. Think of Cambio. With the Poppy free-floating system you can pick up the car where it is and leave it wherever you want in the zone.


Bucolico Consortium

Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology


Erasmus +

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